Thanks for coming by! Have a seat, relax...

Maybe you'd like have a look around on these pages to get some idea of what I do and how I do it. It's simple, clean and informal, much like the way I do business. I’ll let the work do the talking for now, but when you're ready let's talk about your project!

I'm sorry to say that with the recent introduction of PHP 8.1, july first, I have stripped most content from my site as it left errors here and there. I'm on it and hopefully in the coming days I will have fixed this. In the meantime I have a pdf version of my portfolio to keep you busy untill it's sorted.

Check it out here: portfolio.pdf


Merijn Mulder X


Webdesign & Identity

On the folowing page you'll find a selection of the 100 brand and webdesign projects I have done over the last 20 years. As I prepare more presentations for this site, I will post those here as well.  Who knows your project will be featured here too in future!



Consultancy & UI/UX design

On the following page you’ll find a small selection of the many consultancy, project management and application/UI/UX designand development jobs I have done. As I write more presentations for this category, I will add those as well. Who knows your project will be featured here too in future!




Sometime I like to take on jobs for friends or sponsor start-up businesses. Theses concepts are quick and dirty, but still worth showing... If you're on a really tight budget and I like your ideas, maybe we can work something out!


Check out my portfolio